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The Hub on 6th

Location: La Crosse

September, 2018

The Hub on 6th Street:  So what do you do with a 1960 County Administration building that needs over $1.3 million dollars in abatement? That is a question Borton Construction and Three Sixty Real Estate Solutions took on four years ago. Once the County moved out last year we were able to start the abatement, interior demolition, and the reconstruction process. We are currently about sixty percent complete with converting the project into (95) rental units, (18) condos, and 6,000 sf. of commercial retail. The main focus is for downtown workforce housing, students, and young professionals. We worked with a focus group to decide on our amenities in the building including a fitness room, community room, bicycle storage and repairs, underground parking, extra large storage units, outdoor patio, and a second floor roof-top sports court. Another cool feature is our work with Coulee Region Ecoscapes to incorporate edible landscaping and a gardening area into our green spaces. We’ve done this on a couple of other projects and it has become very popular. This $16.5 million dollar project is on schedule to be completed by September 1, 2018. The leasing of the rental units and sale of condos has been going well!